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"If you have a pure heart, you need not to worry about obstacles. Everything will be alright."
Kang Daesung

Hello everyone! As you must have noticed I was gone from my lovely blog for a while, but I’m back now. I promise I won’t leave you guys ever again ;~; I missed my internet life keke<3 To celebrate my return I’m doing a giveaway, yaaaaay!! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and I think it’s finally the right time. Back in January I bought 10 Kpop cd’s, one of them was B.A.P.’s Power. Even though I absolutely love my cd I will be giving it away, since I know most of my followers are Babyz just like me and I want to give you a present for choosing to follow my blog and being by my side :) The cd isn’t packed, but it’s brand new since I keep them safe in my Kpop shelf. I hope you guys have missed me (even though you didn’t T.T)!! Saranghae! :33
Giveaway items:
-1 B.A.P. Power CD
-2 posters of GD One Of A Kind CD
-There will be one winner randomly selected to receive the items from the giveaway. 
-To enter my giveaway you have to reblog this post only once. One reblog per person. Likes doesn’t count as an entry, but you can like the post anyway.
-NO giveaway blogs.
-You have to be following me since this a present to my followers.
-All notes will be copied into a Word document and I will check every single note and see if you actually only reblogged it once, or there are any giveaway blogs. 
-You MUST follow the rules or you’ll get disqualified. I want this giveaway to be fair. I want everyone to have an equal chance to win.
-Ask box has to be avaible on your blog.
-Don’t delete the text when reblogging.
-This post must reach at least 700 notes for the giveaway to happen.
This giveaway will end in October 7th, exactly 3 months away from now.
The winner will then be selected by random using a number generator from I will contact you leaving a message on your ask box and if I get a reply I will be posting the winner on my blog. You have 48h to reply, if you don’t, I’ll proceed and select another random number.
I will ship your prize worldwide.
I think it’s all..
Good luck sweethearts!! <3

at this moment, just fly high and jump

perfect Daesung is perfect

This is chaos and you’re not near. My body wilts like a rose trapped in snow. I think my heart has shattered. I cannot find one piece. The oceans swell is gentle but anchors pull my lungs.